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Elebi custom clothing


The personalization of clothing is one of the founding segments of our company.

The personalization of a garment makes what is not truly unique It is for this reason that we work even in the smallest details, to give you a quality, innovative and useful product, in short, SINGLE.We print and embroider according to the latest trends and the latest technologies.

The personalization of a garment is the way to communicate an abstract idea by giving it promotional content. We can also renew your logo.

We offer you several ways to print:

- screen printing: classic prints with plastisol inks: flat and four-color painting techniques, the latter technique allows us to create four-color photographs.

- corrosion: discoloration of the paint on the shirt. Then we get the raw color but at the same time we can pigment the color again through the same ink.

- metallic: we use plastisol inks in silver and gold. These inks have metallic particles that illuminate the print.

- plush base: a puffy and hairy base with a "flok" effect. - rock base: a print that we can only make thanks to manual machines that release denser and raised areas on the t-shirt in accordance with the inside of the printed design.

- liquid silver: a silver ink that gives an effect like chrome. - earthenware base: an ink that can be broken after printing, obtaining a vintage effect.

- luminescent: a white based color that glows with UV rays. - laminate: this technique is used above all in the field of fashion which allows you to apply very fine gold and silver leaves over the garment note: this is a rather delicate technique so this garment must be washed with cold water.).

HOW WE EMBROID Embroidery is the most difficult and elegant step to do.

The threads intertwine creating perfect images and texts. What allows us to create ever more perfect and precise products The desire and passion to keep our customers happy allows us to always do a good job and not to disappoint ideas and expectations..

We also created the collectionSim8lika that you can easily buy from our site.

For all product information, to send customization files and more, write to us at:elebisas@gmail.com



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